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The Hole: Consumer Culture

To say that The Hole is ambitious is the understatement of the year. It strives to be nothing less than a Waste Land for the graphic novel renaissance, and it shares with Eliot's modernist manifesto a decidedly bleak (but by no means entirely hopeless) view of the world we have inherited...
-Gutter Geek

Artist/Illustrator John Jennings and writer/letterer Damian Duffy created a visually luscious and poignant graphic novel. The Hole: Consumer Culture is a science fiction horror story about the buying of selling of race in America, the simultaneous worship and degradation of African Americans in popular culture, and the bloody terror of boundaries being torn down. The Hole is spiked with a healthy dose of Voodoo and modern sardonic wit. Illustrative flair aside, The Hole is also an educational aid intended for academic use and comes with a teaching/lesson plan.

Jennings frequently lectures on visual literacy, popular culture, and the visual communication found in Hip Hop culture. Jennings is also the co-author of the graphic novel The Hole: Consumer Culture and a co-founder of Eye Trauma, a web based collective of sequential artists, activists, and curators who seek to expand the public's perception of the comics medium.

Damian Duffy is editor-in-chief of the Eye Trauma Comix online anthology. He is the writer and letterer of several graphic novels, including Whisp (2005) and the forthcoming The Hole: Consumer Culture. In addition, he is an active film, music, and television critic. He has presented on comics at such conferences as the International Comic Arts Festival at the Library of Congress and the Symposium on African American Culture and Philosophy at Purdue University. His collaborations with fellow Eye Trauma founders John Jennings and Whisp artist Dann Tincher have appeared in art exhibitions throughout the nation.

ISBN: 978-0-9778689-2-6
Edition of 2000.